bringing delicious ice cream, fruit bars, and popsicles to portland made by women entrepreneurs around the world!


An ARTISANal Ice cream Company inspired by flavors from around the world!


Who we are

Siempreviva is an artisanal ice cream company, that provides mouthwatering ice cream inspired by flavors from around the world. 

The meaning of Siempreviva is “forever alive” or “everlasting”. It’s a succulent that has incredible resilience and survives extreme weather. Initially, Siempreviva was the poetic symbol of a woman’s strength, but very quickly it evolved to become a symbol of humanity, our strength, resilience and everlasting determination to overcome any given situation. It’s a symbol of power and spiritual presence despite adversity.

Our Vision

Siempreviva's vision is to provide mouthwatering ice cream that is as diverse as the people that eat it. We seek to work with local & international minority women owned businesses and entrepreneurs to bring new flavors to life. We seek to bring people together through ice cream to embrace and celebrate our differences and create meaningful impact in every person, our communities and the world. 


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About me

My passion for ice cream began 15 years ago working my family’s ice cream truck with my mom. Ice very quickly cream became a synonym of community, joy and possibility, and I knew it was going to be part of my life. Something about it, the ice cream, the music, the people, their expressions and the feelings that ice cream evoked was fascinating.

During college, I took on an active role dispensing the ice cream applying everything I learned ice cream truck, from Accounting to Arts and Marketing 101. I thought there had to be a better way. We saw growth in our community, in our strategies, and transformation in our truck. It truly came alive…

When I got accepted to San Francisco State, I was working a retail job and getting that letter was both exciting and frightening. How will I afford my tuition and relocation expenses in the BIG City?! I ran the numbers using my retail earnings and thought there had to be a better way. As I thought more and more, it came to me. The ice cream truck! I was determined. Ice cream took on even more meaning in my life – wit, determination, and growth.

After graduation I wanted ice cream back in my life, and I wanted it to be meaningful, bigger, better, for everyone, not just me. You know, there’s gotta be a way… always. Today, I present to you Siempreviva, an artisanal ice cream company that brings to you ice cream inspired by flavors from around the world – starting with flavors of my native origin, Mexico and of the warrior women in my life.

Siempreviva means everlasting or forever alive, it also means sharpness. It’s a succulent with incredible resilience and power. It’s a poetic representation of you, of me, our strength, and wit to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. With Siempreviva, I seek to bring people together through ice cream and as we come together and discover and embrace who we are, we will make meaningful impact in our lives, our community and the world. You know, there’s gotta be a better way… always.

The magic is in the people and in the people is the wit to make shit happen!!

With gratitude,

Cinthia Diaz Calvo - Founder



Meticulously crafted artisan ice cream inspired by flavors from around the world!